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Top Use Cases for Microsoft Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps is fast becoming the preferred choice of low-code development platform for building products using Microsoft Office 365 suite and external applications. Microsoft Power Apps helps businesses in automating business processes such as self-service functionality, workflow approvals, vendor applications, employee on boarding, field-force mobile applications, performance management etc.

Microsoft Power Apps extend capabilities of Microsoft Office 365 to a whole new level so that businesses can unify their internal and external collaboration and productivity initiatives.

What is Microsoft Power Apps?

Power Apps is an application creator that enables users to build mobile- and web-based forms and apps with low or no code. The apps it enables can interact with data sources and services within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. App creators can infuse business intelligence dashboards and automation into apps, making the platform more attractive to businesses.

Here are some Microsoft Power Apps use cases that are often deployed.

1. Smarter Meetings with Microsoft 365 Services

If your business conducts regular business meetings to brainstorm ideas and engage with customers, there is an advanced functionality within Microsoft Office 365 called Meeting Capture, a free template for Power Apps users. Meeting Capture helps in taking notes, assign activities, tasks to attendees within the meetings. The application also offers to record videos and take handwritten notes from any touch screen device.

2. Automating Employee Life-Cycle

Microsoft Power Apps helps businesses take advantage of ready made templates for automating functionality like HR On-boarding tasks. Using these functionality saves lot of time, effort and cost. When strategically planned with other useful onboarding processes, policies, workflows and employee directory, social intranet etc. the employee onboarding experience is made very impressive. The whole understanding of automated systems and seamless onboarding process of new recruits will be very systematic.

3. Automating repeating and redundant tasks

Power Apps can help in streamlining many repeating and redundant tasks. Some of the examples are travel planning, expense approvals, new user setup activities etc. Because it can use customizable forms that can have workflows, it can capture information and submits to the concerned users. Combining Microsoft Power Apps and Microsoft Flow for workflow automation and approval reduces cost in purchasing independent point solutions.

4. Field force tracking using Image processing

Microsoft Power Apps integrates with camera-enabled devices and capture images for processing. This promises new applications of Microsoft Power Apps for many industries such as Retail, construction and healthcare who typically have field force users. Any photos that are captured with a mobile camera and data collected from its GPS can be submitted online and processed for documentation and workflow approval. Employees can capture sales order form data outside office and this information can straight away be fed to the Microsoft 365 CRM as a Lead or Opportunity.

5. Self-Service Automation Applications

Businesses use Power Apps to build interactive helpdesk and self-service ticketing tools for various business functions like IT, HR, Finance, Purchase, Administration, Facility Management and Legal Teams. These smarter processes get things done on a timely and systematic fashion. Also it helps saving a lot of money from a licensing perspective. When automation unified business processes the planning meets reality and it offers multifold advantages to any business.

As a step-up to regular workflow automation, Microsoft Power Apps helps in building applications with complex entity relationships using its model-driven approach. Reducing Development cycle, users can swiftly spin out fully functional business applications within just one platform. Technorucs specializes in Microsoft Power Apps Development to simplify and smarten complex business processes and make them anytime available and accessible from desktops, tablets and mobile devices. Connect with Technorucs – Microsoft Office 365 service Provider and Microsoft Power Apps partner in Chennai, India. Discuss your use case and experience our expert Microsoft Developer’s Service 1 WEEK for FREE.

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