Salesforce Customization Case study

Salesforce Customization Case Study


A Leading Construction Company in Norway

The Challenge:

The Customer required to customize report types for better visibility into the distribution of teams’ efforts and the use of materials for their projects. The was spending a lot of time in presenting the information about revenues and expenses in an user-friendly manner.


TechnoRUCS created a New Object and customized the report on additional services and the product reports. The reports were designed to show the Customer’s weekly expenses and their clients’ weekly payments by type, as well as the revenue/expense ratio per week and month. We also built a single dashboard with actionable charts to automate reporting and increase user convenience.

Client Benefits

  • Started enjoying a Salesforce Automation tailored to their business needs.
  • We introduced templates for emails, invoices and notifications to save precious time.
  • By simply automating the approval processes, accountability was ensured.
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