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Embrace Digital Transformation with Automation

Digital technologies have become an integral part of the business environment for your business, your customers, partners and competitors. Make the most of leading edge software products, and find comprehensive solutions for accelerated growth. TechnoRUCS is your reliable and long-term partner along the way.


Who We Are

TechnoRUCS is a team of Passionate, Experienced and Successful IT Professionals who like to simplify the way businesses are running using Technology.
Regardless of the maturity curve in your journey, we help you move towards your goals! We are here to provide your business with all the required skills, tools and experience to help you achieve your business goals.

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What we Do

Support Clients with consulting, migration, implementation, integration of Business Applications like Microsoft Office 365, SalesForce CRM, Microsoft Azure and others.
Deliver full-stack software development services for building web applications, hybrid mobile applications to automate, accelerate. Modernize business models.
  • Our expertise in managing, implementing these solutions and services so that your business can stay ahead of the curve and achieve desired goals as efficiently as possible. We become your trusted partner, so that as emerging solutions appear on the market, we can assess them and deploy for your benefit as appropriate.

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