Industry Use Cases for Microsoft Power Platform

Digital Transformation is at its peak for many industries as they strive hard to build organizational resilience to grow and yet while saving costs, time and resources. The pace at which businesses convert ideas into actions and going to market is vital to fuel their growth journey. Hence businesses consolidate their IT Blueprint and start using integrated solutions at both strategic and operational levels across all business functions.

What is Microsoft Power Platform?

Microsoft Power Platform is a comprehensive suite from Microsoft that is designed to analyze data, build applications, automate business processes, and create virtual agents. With its low-code development model, even business users can create apps, workflows, reports, data visualizations, and chatbots without having any development expertise.

Microsoft Power Platform is a collection of 4 key Microsoft products:

  • Power Automate
  • Power Apps
  • Power BI, and
  • Power Virtual Agents.

They are powerful individually and when they are combined the business benefits are amazing.

  • Build & Integrate Custom Apps for your business needs using Power Apps
  • Design powerful and insightful Data Visualization with Power BI
  • Automate just anything to save time and money using Power Automate
  • Deploy AI – Powered Chatbots to improve collaboration with Power Virtual Agents

Manufacturing Industry

Gaining visibility into the engineering and business processes enhances more integrated planning and execution for manufacturing companies. With Microsoft Power Platform Manufacturing industries like automotive, chemical manufacturing, pharma manufacturing and textile manufacturing can now see integrated planning across board room and assembly line.

Status of moving parts in an assembly line is now possible to check at any given point of time. Automated workflows can remind about approaching deadlines ensures accountability and enables timely decision making.

Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Industry has long been a pioneer in adopting technology to manage business processes that get complex as time. This is basically due to the amount of compliance and records keeping the industry have to meet. There is so much data getting generated at each touchpoint. Also there are a lot of documentation that is being handled and moving along the workflow. Patient records, safety reports, scanned documents, employee records and doctors, notes – All these need to be stored, maintained, accessed with security in mind due to their privacy nature.

PowerPlatform helps in data collection like bed availability, vendor management for timely supplies, storage of documents for records-keeping compliance, reports generation, superior patient consultation through AI-Powered Chatbots, improved real-time communication,

Educational Institutions

Institutions are expanding their reach using technology. The international accreditations allow them to offer global standard education to corners of the world. Next-gen students are tech savvy and they expect institutions to be up-to-date right from their selection through exit of their academic journey.  

For its internal administration and external facing needs, educational institutions need a lot of support as they always have a lean IT Support. With the low-code development model in Microsoft Power Platform, even business users can create and deploy highly useful applications to

  • Support the admission branding and marketing
  • Capture students interest using Chatbots
  • Automate the registration using MS Forms and Power Apps
  • Maintain each candidate lifecycle from admission to exit
  • Manage students’ activities across different clubs

Professional Services Industry

Legal, Consulting, Information Technology, Knowledge Process Outsourcing companies and so many other businesses in the professional services industry relies on Data and availability of real-time information to improve productivity and timely decision making.

Microsoft Power Platform helps in building custom applications or using web parts of Microsoft Office 365 to automate smart workflows, actionable reminders so that the enterprise wide task management can be automated and managed better.

Applications around project management can be built to gain visibility into operations, approaching timelines, availability of resources, progress around overall productivity etc. Using PowerBI – custom dashboards can be built using advanced data visualization tools by extracting data from Microsoft Office 365 apps or literally any custom data sources.

Need professional Assistance?

Technorucs has proven expertise in helping international companies automate and smarten their business processes with Microsoft Power Platform, Office 365 and customized solutions. We have real case studies and implementation experience from multiple industries and business functions.

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