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Enhance Employee Experience with Microsoft Viva Engage

Employee Experience has been named as one of the top priorities of organizations in 2022 as it has multiple benefits within an organization like supercharging employee engagement and culture. Along with some intangible benefits, it directly helps in

‍1. Retaining top talent

2. Keeping remote employee engagement in balance

3. Nurture and build the Next Best Leaders

4. Improving the overall organizational performance

5. Customer satisfaction as a result of aligned employees

Technology plays a big role in uniting distributed employees in one platform. One significant update from Microsoft Corporation is that they announced the launch of Viva Engage in July 2022 at their Microsoft Inspire conference. Let’s understand how Viva Engage is all about enhancing employee experience in organizations.

What is Microsoft Viva?

Microsoft describes Microsoft Viva as “the first employee experience platform to bring tools for employee engagement, learning, wellbeing and knowledge discovery, directly into the flow of people’s work. Viva is designed to help employees learn, grow and thrive, with new experiences that integrate with the productivity and collaboration capabilities in Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams.”

What are the Key Components of Microsoft Viva?

Microsoft Viva Connections

Using Viva Connections framework one can render an intranet within Microsoft Teams. As every intranet facilitates internal communications, policies access, and participation discussions on employee resource groups, all within Microsoft Teams through a customizable app.

Microsoft Viva Topics

Microsoft Viva Topics helps people leverage existing knowledge at workplace. With built-in security and compliance features. Microsoft Viva Topics surfs, curates and presents knowledge to users.

Microsoft Viva Learning

Microsoft Viva Learning facilitates employees to capitalize on each other’s knowledge with continuous sharing of training materials. Employees feel empowered within an organization as they elevate themselves in a professional world.

Microsoft Viva Insights

Microsoft Office 365 Ecosystem has now officially an analytics and insights platform. Based on the enterprise wide activity happening within the platform, the management gains valuable insights to build organizational resilience and build a productive work culture.

Viva Goals

This is crucial. Activities can be facilitated but if not, measurable it may be of vain. Now set Goals with Microsoft Viva Goals to align your teams’ efforts in line with the organization’s strategic priorities.

Viva Engage

Microsoft Viva is an employee-experience platform and it has closer ties with Microsoft Teams. Employees can share content – based on privileges and have meaningful conversations across the board.

How can you take advantage of Microsoft Viva?

If employee experience is of utmost priority, then Microsoft Viva employee-experience platform is something you would want to consider implementing in your organization.

As it gets rolled out as a platform within the native office 365 ecosystem, your employees will adopt easily. Still if you need help in how to effectively roll out Microsoft Viva in your Microsoft Office 365 ecosystem, take professional consultation from Technorucs – Microsoft 365 Partners in Chennai India.

Not sure where to start off? Technorucs is offering a 1 Week Free Consulting and Development Support. Make use of this limited time offer, within which you will be able to experience their expertise. Confidently take their service as an engagement beyond the 1-week development support.

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