Best Practices in improving Salesforce.com CRM Effectiveness

After months of brainstorming and spending months in evaluating multiple CRM Software Solutions your organization has finally narrowed down and implemented Salesforce.com CRM. Now it’s time you ask specific questions like how effectively are you using it to your business advantage?

Salesforce.com is indeed World’s Number 1 CRM Solution that is available on Cloud and that offers almost all functionality for automating the sales and marketing functions of your business. Thought your sales and marketing teams have been introduced to Salesforce CRM, it is not always clear that the teams use the platform to your top most advantage.

Why is Salesforce.Com the best available CRM Platform?

Salesforce.com Marketing Cloud helps businesses to achieve a remarkable increase in marketing Return on investment, and Sales Cloud helps businesses to achieve more revenue. Below listed are some reasons why Salesforce.com is reining as the best Cloud based CRM Solution in the market.

  • Achieve Better Business Performance
  • Flexible Cost
  • Get on Cloud across multiple devices
  • Automated Processes

Ease of Customization

What are the Salesforce CRM Best Practices?

Before and after implementation of the CRM Project, always find answers to these tough questions. If you get desired answers, then the chances are there that you are effectively using the CRM. If Not, then you need to relook at the way the solution has been implemented and trained in your organization.

Key Questions to Ask

  • Are you able to attract More Customers? – [YES] / [NO]
  • Are you able to improve Sales efficiency? – [YES] / [NO]
  • Do you have better visibility to your Sales Pipeline? – [YES] / [NO]
  • Are you able to do better Forecasting? – [YES] / [NO]
  • Are you managing the Relationships with our customers effectively? – [YES] / [NO]
  • Has the Salesforce CRM helped in improving Collaboration & Team selling? – [YES] / [NO]
  • Are your Sales & Marketing teams better aligned than they were before? – [YES] / [NO]

If your Score is mostly positive, then you don’t have many reasons to worry.

If Not, let’s take a relook at your CRM Implementation.

Make sure you have enabled and effectively using some of the hottest Salesforce functionality that will help boosting the effectiveness of your platform.

Social CRM:

Business and Contacts are more social these days. Make sure you enable Social Accounts and Contacts in your Salesforce to leverage the increasing trend of Social explosion.

Mobile CRM:

Deploy Salesforce Mobile as it is a handy solution for all field users to have anytime and anywhere access to customer information. Give your field users the best available information so that they stay on top of meeting and closing prospects.

Enterprise Collaboration:

With Chatter you can give your sales reps the power to connect with experts in your organization that can help them progress and close deals. With Chatter they can collaborate the content in the Salesforce presentations, deal proposals, reports and dashboards.

Enterprise Analytics:

The real-time Analytics capabilities in the Salesforce.co are at the heart of what companies use to improve their sales performance. Start getting actionable insights about your business in a 360-Degree manner using Salesforce Reports and Dashboards.

Workflow & Approvals:

In today’s world without process automation no business cannot succeed. When it comes to CRM, there is a number of processes sales teams and marketing teams can interlink together and act efficiently, consistently using automated workflows and approvals.


Salesforce has lot of powerful integration options to market leading solutions and custom data sources. So, make best use of it. Tools like Microsoft’s LinkedIn is very important for a Business to Business CRM. Make sure you integrate to LinkedIn –  so that your leads list keep getting smarter and result-oriented.

By implementing and enabling a few functionalities like above will not only boost your effectiveness but it will also help users see real-time business value out of the platform. Your business is unique and the way you will be using the Salesforce CRM platform will be unique. However, it is always better to fully understand what’s under the hood and effective use each one of them to the fullest advantage.

Should you need any professional assistance, never hesitate to approach your Salesforce implementation Partner or hire any 3rd party Salesforce consultants who can guide you?

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